We’ll show you everything you need to know about this incredible product. From the way it works, prevention, stats, and the famous places it’s trusted to be used.

How Sentricon Works

Sentricon works by using a clever bait and behavior combination which destroys entire colonies, not just a few family members. The queen all the way down to the lowest termite on the totem pole and every termite in between are wiped out.

Step 1: Initial Termite Monitoring

Plastic stations are installed around the perimeter of the building in 10-20 foot intervals.

  • Stations are hollow green plastic cylinders, 10 inches long by 2 inches wide
  • Slits along the sides for termites to enter
  • Two untreated pieces of wood initially used to monitor presence of termites in the area
  • Each station is inserted into a hole in the ground and covered with soil
  • Low profile, so even when you’re mowing the lawn they won’t be in the way

Stations can also be installed under pavement if necessary, in planter boxes, and farther out from the foundation. If the invasion is extensive, narrower station placement may be needed to increase the odds of termites finding them while trying to escape.

Additional stations may also be installed in other termite loving areas:

  • Woodpiles
  • Moist areas
  • Stumps
  • Pre-existing termite damage on the property

Step 2: Sentricon Bait Delivery

After termites have been discovered in the monitoring stations, we start the baiting system. The untreated wood is switched out with a perforated plastic tube. This plastic tube contains a slow-acting termite growth inhibitor also called, noviflumuron.

  • To quicken the process, any termite feeding on wood pieces are placed in the tube
  • Termites tunnel through and out of the tube reuniting with their colony deep in the soil
  • Reuniting promotes a colony-specific scent that promotes other termites to investigate the bait
  • More and more stations are added with wood near the bait tubes to increase the number of “attacks”

Inspection of each and every station is continued until there are no live termites. Empty, moldy, or worn out baits get replaced as needed, and additional stations are consistently added as seen fit throughout the entire bait delivery process.

At the end of the baiting process, there won’t be a single termite still alive on your property! It kills millions. You can relax and breathe. The problem is gone.

Step 3: Continued Monitoring

The termites are gone, now what? Now comes the final step…monitoring. Each station is replaced with untreated wood pieces and the continuous monitoring follows.

After the termite colony has been destroyed, any termites from your neighbor’s properties could choose to invade the area. Reinfestation can also happen if part of the original colony wasn’t eliminated.

  • All stations will be continuously inspected, monitored, and maintained
  • Protecting your property from reinfestation or new colonies
  • Your pest control company will monitor at 3-4 month intervals for an indefinite period of time

How Long Does The Process Take?

Sentricon begins eliminating the colony the second termites are exposed to the bait. The amount of wood the termites are eating can be cut in half in as little as 2-3 weeks. It depends on the size of the colony, however, typically the entire colony can be completely destroyed in about 90 days.

Famous Places Protected By Sentricon

  • White House, Washington, DC
  • Statue of Liberty, New York
  • Independence Hall, Philadelphia
  • Ellis Island, New York

Along with these famous landmarks, Sentricon is the most trusted brand of termite protection by homeowners and businesses alike. When asking homeowner and property owners if they’d take $1,000 to switch from Sentricon to a different termite protection system, every single person said, “No thanks!”. The efficiency of the product certainly speaks for itself.

Benefits of Sentricon

One word, trust. When your home is being invaded, you don’t want anything but the best. Your home is one of the most important investments. It holds your precious family, all of your personal belongings, and countless memories. Termites have no right to be a part of your family, which is why you want to be sure to kick them all out the first time around. Termites will and can come back if you don’t destroy them correctly.

4 Million Homes Saved…and Counting

For each of the 4 million homes that have been saved, 4 million colonies have been destroyed. From coast to coast, millions of homes and businesses have been protected and saved thanks to Sentricon.

Highly Trained Pest Specialists

Sentricon isn’t available to just anyone. It’s only provided by professional pest control companies. Each company requires ongoing training and extended education required by the manufacturer to be a Certified Sentricon Specialist. This means they know the ins and outs of the product and process to get you the results you want. Think of them as highly trained termite assassins.

Presidential Green Chemistry Award

If you’re environmentally conscious you’ll love this aspect. Sentricon is the only termite product that’s been awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. No chemicals are pumped into your yard. It’s 100% green! Plus, termites prefer it over any amount of wood your house could possibly contain. As far as killing goes, this is a route you can truly feel good about. It shines as a superior and environmentally responsible product.

Scientific Studies

The unique bait and behavior tactic has grabbed the attention of many universities and scholars. More than 60 published scientific articles based on field tests have been documented on the efficiency of eliminating termite colonies.

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