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Carpenter Ant size - Bug Exterminator Kansas City, Missouri

Carpenter Ant

Quick Facts


Size can reach 1 in. (25 mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

They search for wood sources like firewood, trees, and landscaping and they also need water to survive.

Known Health Issues

They can contaminate food with bacteria they carry and should be avoided.
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Carpenter ants love nestingĀ in wood, and this canĀ cause some extreme damage to your home. They do not eat wood like termites do but instead use the wood to create large colonies and set up satellite nests once the main colony has been established. These ants hollow out the wood to create galleries and cause wood and structural damage. Decks, porches, window sills, and roof eaves are areas of your home that are susceptible to carpenter ants due to the collection of moisture there over time. Carpenter ants will also look for sources of wood around the exterior of your home including landscaping, framework, firewood, and tree stumps.

Most of the damage done by carpenter ants is towards your home’s structure and not the health of you or your family. However, they have the ability to carry bacteria that can contaminate food. In order to save you money and keep your family safe, call Miller Pest & Termite in Kansas City to quickly resolve your ant infestation situation.