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Cat Flea size compared to penny - Flea Removal Services Kansas City

Cat Flea

Quick Facts


Bodies can range up to 1/16 in (2mm) long.

Preferred Habitat

Typically found within the coats of cats and dogs.

Known Health Issues

They are known to transmit parasites and infections to their hosts including humans.
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The cat flea’s primary host is the domestic cat, though it can also latch onto humans, dogs, and other carnivores. These parasitic fleas can be between 1-2 mm in length and are red-brown in color. Like other fleas, they have a flat body that helps them hide and maneuver easily through pet hair.

A minimal number of fleas isn’t too much of a concern on a pet, but once a large infestation occurs, they can cause dehydration and transmit serious diseases. Most of the life cycle of a flea is spent off of the host, so it is imperative that the host’s environment is completely treated for flea infestation. This includes washing all linens and fabric in hot water and intensely vacuuming and professionally treating the home and the host. Call Miller Pest & Termite Kansas City before your flea issue gets out of hand.