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Pavement Ant size compared to penny - ant removal kansas city

Pavement Ant

Quick Facts


Can reach up to .16 inc. (4 mm) in size.

Preferred Habitat

Nests are typically found under the cracks of pavement but can also be found near sources of moisture and sweet foods.

Known Health Issues

They should be avoided because they can contaminate human food sources.
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Pavement ants choose to nest within pavement such as sidewalks or street cracks, hence why they are named pavement ants. These ants are very intrusive and will invade other ant colonies to expand theirs or create colonies in areas that are difficult to penetrate. They are attracted to moisture and sweet foods and have the ability to contaminate food sources, so they should be avoided. Call Miller Pest & Termite of Kansas City to implement ant control methods at your home today.