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Termite Size Compared to a Penny - Termite Treatment


Quick Facts


Can reach 3/8 in. (9 mm) in size.

Preferred Habitat

Secluded, dark, wet spaces near wood.

Known Health Issues

No health issues, but is capable of severely damaging wooden structures.
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Termites may be important and necessary in nature, but in your home, they can cause severe and expensive damage. Termite size can vary and reach up to 3/8 in. (9 mm) long. They prefer to live in dark, damp spaces both under or above ground as long as it is near wood. They then eat through wood, paper, carpet, or fabric and if not discovered early enough, can cause a large amount of disrepair.

Termites do not cause any health risks, but the damage they are capable of is a concerning enough reason to get a hold of Miller Pest & Termite to eradicate these pests for good.