Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control Kansas City, Missouri

Miller Pest Control is a Kansas City, Missouri bed bug company that provides bed bug treatments that are more effective than heat along. One advantage that Miller Pest offers is that we require minimal customer preparation. We don’t want you to have to flip your life upside down and wash everything in your house before we arrive, so we aim to effectively treat your home without creating more work for you. We offer bed bug control Kansas City services to residential, commercial, and industrial settings to the Kansas City, Independence, Overland Park, Liberty, and Olathe areas.

Even homes with a high infestation issue will not need to dispose of any furnishings. Our bed bug control products are children and pet-friendly and for our low to medium infested customers, we offer “limited prep” service. You are automatically considered a high infestation if you spray any type of bed bug chemicals in your home. The spray will repel the bed bugs to other areas of your home which make it harder to effectively treat. Find out more on how to identify, detect, and remove bed bugs from your home,¬†contact Miller Pest & Termite for a FREE termite inspection.

Key Factors to Remember About our Kansas City Bed Bug Treatment Service:

  • We save you plenty of time by only requiring a limited amount of prep time for our bed bug treatment
  • Extended warranties are offered after the first year
  • You will get a great night’s sleep right away!

Issues with Bed Bug Heat Treatment Kansas City

Kansas City homeowners have reported that heat treatment included the following issues: doors refusing to open or close, moisture built up in between glass panes of insulated windows, floors started cracking/separating, and their counters began to detach from their walls. Due to bed bug heat treatment taking awhile to heat up the infested space, bed bugs have enough time to flee the area and hide between floors, ceilings, or behind walls. Once it cools back down, bed bugs can retreat back to where they originally were. If you live in a community type building such as neighboring townhomes, condos, and apartments, it is important to know that bed bugs can easily travel to these places as well. This is why every owner should be made aware of any bed bug issues and the policies their building carries out to fully eradicate pests. The sooner a bed bug issue is discovered, the sooner other units can take action to make sure they don’t fall victim either.


Residential & Commercial Bed Bug Removal Services and Bed Bug Inspections

  • Condos
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Private Homes