Flea Treatment

Our Kansas City Flea Control Solution

Fleas can be a hassle to remove from any home or business. Unlike other insects that create a nest, fleas can lay eggs, feed, and live anywhere including carpet, furniture, and outside in the grass. We have effective solutions to ensure your property is protected from flea infestation.

Our Kansas City Flea Treatment Process:

  • All areas of your home and yard are treated at the same time, even if some areas do not appear they have issues
  • Pets must be treated with some kind of Flea medication such as Frontline or something comparable before or during our treatment and keep in mind that only 5% of fleas actually travel on your pet
  • Remove anything off of the floor so that all necessary locations are accessible for our exterminator

Contact Miller Pest & Termite at 816-420-0340 for a free estimate and action items on how to remove these pests from your establishment.

Preparing for a Kansas City Flea Treatment:

  • Clear off all floor space
  • Thoroughly vacuum rugs and carpets before our exterminators arrive
  • Close off the vacuum cleaner bag once finished and dispose of it outside in a plastic bag
  • Turn off air pumps and cover fish aquariums
  • Schedule an appointment to have your pet treated at the same time the service is occurring
  • It is safe to re-enter the home four hours post completion of the treatment
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