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Mosquito Control Kansas City Services

Along with being a huge nuisance in the warmer months,  mosquitoes also have the ability to carry many dangerous diseases. Miller Pest offers mosquito control in Kansas City so that you don’t have to be stuck inside all summer and can fully enjoy your outdoor lawn space. We offer various packages to fit your situation and budget and even do one time treatments for special events such as an outdoor wedding or party. Once a Miller Pest technician implements our mosquito control method, the population of these pests in your yard will decrease by 90%! Get your family and pets protected and contact us to get a licensed professional to treat your yard and eliminate these pests!

Kansas City Mosquito Control and Tick Method:

  • We recommend having a technician treat your property once every three weeks from May-September
  • We will find problem areas and target our methods where pest issues are more rampant
  • Safety is important to us, and we strive to protect your pets and family
  • The population of mosquitoes and ticks will decrease by 90%
  • It is not necessary to stay home during the treatment process

Mosquito Treatment Kansas City For Your Outdoor Event:

  • The property will be treated 24-48 before the event
  • This is a perfect solution for any outdoor parties or weddings
  • The effectiveness of the mosquito and tick treatment will last, even through rain
  • Your guests will be protected from tick and mosquito bites

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How to Protect Your Property From Mosquitoes

  • Remove anything that can hold water such as buckets, containers, pots, cans, etc.
  • Get rid of tires that may be holding water
  • Insert holes in the bottom of outdoor recycling bins
  • Regularly clean your gutters
  • Keep any wheelbarrows turned over and clean out water in birdbaths often
  • Stalk ornamental pools with fish or aerate them
  • Make sure to routinely clean and chlorinate swimming pools and wipe water off of pool covers

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Help Eliminate the Spreading of Disease!

Treatments such as the one we provide help stop diseases from spreading like the Zika Virus and West Nile Virus.

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