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Colony Elimination VS Termite Control

At Miller Pest & Termite, we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious. When it comes to termite control in your home, we provide highly effective treatment with a minimal environmental impact. We offer both the Sentricon system ® and liquid termite treatment.


This system provides proven total colony elimination! Numerous field tests organized and completed by the EPA and U.S. Department of Agriculture, research by 30 different universities, and over 70 articles all prove that Sentricon eradicates termite colonies effectively. You can easily locate “colony elimination” on the manufacturing label.

Liquid Barrier Treatments 

These treatments are designed to only eliminate individual termite workers, not the entire colony. No liquid termiticide is able to claim colony elimination. You will only find statements like “termite management” or “termite control”.

A Permanent Solution VS A Temporary Solution


This system provides proven results by eliminating the entire colony. Sentricon bait stations are positioned around the perimeter of your home and contain a cellulose material that is more desirable to termites over wood. Each bait tube has enough power to kill millions of termites.

Liquid Barrier Treatments

These treatments provide a short-term solution. When a termite liquid treatment is implemented, the service would involve injecting the chemical into the soil surrounding the home which will only kill individual termites who come into contact with the treatment. The problem with chemicals such as Termidor is that they can only be transferred to termites within a specific area. Several universities, including The University of Florida, have determined that the “transfer effect” is only effective up to 15 feet from the treatment area.

Length Of Time To Get Results


Sentricon begins eliminating the colony as soon as termites are exposed to the bait. Wood consumption can decrease by 50% in as little as 2-3 weeks. Depending on the size of the colony, the termite eradication could be completely finished in 90 days.

Liquid Barrier Treatments

These don’t eliminate the colony and are only proven to “control” or “manage” the colony. Most manufacturers say it takes 90 days to manage the termite colony. After a number of years, a booster treatment would need to be completed to replenish the deteriorating chemicals in the soil.

Which Method Is The Least Disruptive?


Concrete drilling is not necessary for Sentricon and is the most non-invasive method available. Bait stations can be installed every 8 – 10 feet apart around the perimeter of a home, garage, shed, wood piles, tree stumps, or any other possible source of food for termites. Every Sentricon station is tamper resistant and locked for your protection.

Liquid Barrier Treatments

These treatments can be highly intrusive. Hammer-drilling is required on each attached exterior concrete areas every 12 to 18 inches depending on the product used. If termites are found inside your home, pulling the carpet, drilling concrete, or having to drill through tile flooring may be required. This treatment method also has the ability to damage sewer, gas, and water lines. Once the treatment is finished, usually all holes are plugged and then patched with concrete. The holes in the concrete can end up being an eyesore on your property.

Des Moines Termite Control Sentricon

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Our Termite Inspection Kansas City and Treatment Service Includes:

  • Complete inspection of your property to pinpoint possible entry points and what home conditions are attracting them
  • Exterior termite treatment that will create an “invisible” barrier to remove termites from your home
  • Installation of termite monitors around the exterior of your residence to keep track of termite activity
  • Return to inspect the property

Guaranteed Results

Miller Pest & Termite can safely and effectively take care of your home or business in Kansas City and western Missouri. Each termite treatment includes a warranty and if termites return at any point during its warranty, so do we at no cost to you. For a small yearly fee, this warranty can be extended. Send us a message, or give us a phone call at (816) 420-0340 for a free home inspection!

Signs you might have a termite problem

  • You find a large number of swarmers (winged termites)
  • Mud tubes by doors, windows, or on the foundation of the home
  • Small holes in drywall or wood
  • Wood crumbles easily due to damage
  • Damaged plaster, sagging floors, or soft spots on walls
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