Free Pest Inspections

Why We Offer Customers Free Pest Inspections in Kansas City

The term “free inspection” isn’t a common one. We offer free pest inspections at Miller Pest Control because we feel it is important for you to┬áremain fully in control of your pest problem. We want to figure out the conditions of your home and what could be causing the pest issue such as:

  • Environment
  • Life cycles
  • Conditions
  • Sources

Unique Pest Control Service Once We Understand the Issue

First, we will complete an in-depth examination of your home’s interior to determine which areas are infested. We will then follow the same process on the exterior of your home to help pinpoint nests, areas of entry, and food sources. With this information, we can then craft a custom pest control plan for you.

Once we complete our examination we can understand:

  • Your surrounding
  • What the pests are attracted to
  • How to remove them and keep them from returning

Our Kansas City Pest Control Process Equals Success

After a thorough inspection of your home and surrounding property, we can create the perfect solution to keep pests out of your home for good!

Contact us today at 816-420-0340 for your free pest inspection.